Foster Care Technologies: Using technology to improve child welfare
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Better Placements. Better Lives.

Matching every child in care with the best possible home.

We've guided over 25,000 placements

(and counting...)

Foster Care Technologies is the company behind ECAP (Every Child A Priority), the only research-backed placement management system available.


ECAP helps agencies find the best possible homes for children in need of foster or adoptive placements. 

What is ECAP?

  • A research-backed, web-based Placement Management System for foster care and adoption

  • Manages and tracks the placements of children in care

  • Helps guide placement decisions with "smart" placement algorithms and decision tools

Recent Features and Updates:

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What foster care agencies and experts are saying about ECAP:

“The database [ECAP] puts practical information in the hands of the worker or placement coordinator at the exact time that they need it."

-–Dr. Peter Pecora, Senior Director of Research Services

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